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Your answers are not recorded. Write down your answers on a piece of paper and then check your responses with the answer key on the following page.

1. What has to happen in order for an act to be considered sex trafficking of a minor?

  1. A minor is moved between states or cities
  2. A minor engages in a sex act with a stranger
  3. A minor engages in a sex act in exchange for something of value
  4. Both A and C

2. Which of the following is a true statement about sex trafficking of a minor?

  1. It is a form of child abuse
  2. Pornography is not considered a form of sex trafficking
  3. A few states consider it legal if a parent of the minor consents
  4. Minors can be charged with a crime if they are caught engaging in a sex act

3. The largest group of identified child trafficking survivors are

  1. Undocumented minors subject to debt bondage
  2. Female survivors of sex trafficking
  3. Male survivors of labor trafficking
  4. Male survivors of sex trafficking

4. Adolescents are most commonly recruited into labor and sex trafficking through

  1. Email
  2. Face to face encounters
  3. Social media like Facebook
  4. Both B and C

5. A Finesse Pimp’s primary form of control is through

  1. Lavish gifts
  2. Physical restraints
  3. Psychological manipulation
  4. Social isolation

6. Which of these is considered a potential indicator of sex trafficking: history of sexual abuse, multiple STIs, frequent emergency department visits, chronic runaway behavior, frequent substance use/misuse, significantly older boyfriend?

  1. History of sexual abuse and significantly older boyfriend
  2. Frequent emergency department visits and multiple STIs
  3. Chronic runaway behavior and frequent substance use/misuse
  4. They are all potential indicators

7. Asking "Has a friend ever been asked to have sex for anything?"

  1. Is part of initial rapport building
  2. Is a way to begin information gathering about exposure to trafficking
  3. Is a way to let the adolescent know you are knowledgeable about sex trafficking
  4. All of the above

8. With a sex trafficked minor, the role of the medical provider is to

  1. Manage chronic medical conditions
  2. Provide testing and treatment for STIs
  3. Serve as a medical home
  4. All of the above

9. When an adolescent discloses involvement in human trafficking

  1. The case is considered a confirmed case
  2. The case is considered a suspected case until the case is accepted by CPS
  3. The case is considered a suspected case unless there is medical evidence
  4. The case is considered a suspected case unless the adolescent was seen providing a sex act

10. There is mandatory reporting of a confirmed case when

  1. The patient is already in the custody of child protective services.
  2. The perpetrator is a parent/caregiver.
  3. A parent/caregiver has allowed or facilitated the exploitation to occur.
  4. All of the above

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